Reasons to choose


over Watchfree or Putlocker

From time to time, we want to just sit back, relax and enjoy a nice movie with some freshly made popcorns. But where do you go to watch movies at home? Some streaming site? But which one? All these imposible questions have one single solution. 123movies. 123movies is a wesite which caters to all your entertainment needs ranging from newest action-thrillers to old classics to lovely rom-coms. But why 123movies? Why not some other streaming website? Well, the answer to that is not simple, because there is not just one reason why you should prefer 123movies over all the other streaming websites. Lets review them. To name a few of the competitors like putlocker, watchfree and solar movie, sure they are streaming movies but what is the difference? Watch and Download Movies Series 0123movies.

High Definition movies

123movies provides you with the best quality video streaming possible with the entire database in HD quality which streams seamlessly making your movie expreience absolutely delightful. Watch and Download Movies Series 0123movies

Vast collection of movies

Each of us has their own personal preference of movie genre to watch so to cater to that 123movies has an enormous amount of titles to browse from and select. The collection is divided according to genre like Action, Science fiction, horror and many more. So 123movies has a movie for all of your moods and longings so you can Watch and Download Movies Series on

TV shows

Watch and Download TV Series and Seasons from 0123movies. Maybe you are not in the mood to watch a movie. Maybe you would like some commitment or maybe a lack of it. 123movies has a wide array of Tv shows just for that. You can easily follow up with your favourite characters across different seasons and have a diversified exposure to the entertainment you so desire.


0123movies makes your experience as user-friendly as possible, 123movies has been designed to make it astheically pleasing with features like night mode, to reduce strain on eyes, specially at night, search bar on homepage, to make it easy to find specific titles and a wel-organized library, to make your browsing worthwhile.

Account facilities

Keeping up with what you have watched and what you want to watch can be troublesome. 123movies helps you Watch and Download Movies Series with that. to keep all of your previous history and specific bookmarks on episodes watched as well as to mark movies or shows to watch later you just have to make your ID in a few easy steps and login from anywhere to find your proress clearly marked. Everything at 123movies ensure your privacy remains intact.


In the online world of the internet you can find millions of websites claiming to stream movies for free but there are only a handful of movies which actually follow through and among those motley crew of websites there is 123movies which provides a premium experience, absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Open your browsers, type in 123movies and let the fun begin.